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In 2014 the SOCA Board of Directors embarked on a organizational initiative to define our role in the community. We have been communicating with our members throughout the year via the Old City Guardian newsletter and the Preservation Roundtable (June and November), to share information about this important effort. In early 2015 SOCA will hold a special membership meeting to discuss the proposed changes and consider suggestions from our membership.

1) Proposed new name – Preservation Sacramento

2) Refocused Organizational Mission:

Preservation Sacramento is dedicated to protecting Sacramento’s historic neighborhoods and encouraging quality urban design through advocacy, outreach, and activism.

3) Revised Bylaws – please see the paragraphs below for more information and a summary of revisions

The link at the bottom of the page contains the proposed Bylaws for Preservation Sacramento. Before you dive in, a few words about what Bylaws are and are not; and a list of substantive revisions:

What Are Bylaws?

Bylaws are the Corporate Charter filed with the Secretary of State that serve as the legal framework for the Corporation. Bylaws are sometimes mistaken for operating procedures or policies. Bylaws are the principal guide by which the Corporation runs its overall corporate affairs, and do not address the day-to-day operating details. Policies and procedures are approved by the Board of Directors to define the daily operations of the Corporation, and differ from the legally required corporate guidelines included in the Bylaws. Bylaws are intended as the “rule book” to which the Board can go for answers, when fundamental problems or questions arise regarding the overall governance of the Corporation. Bylaws help define, guide, and maintain consistency in governance over many years, to preserve and protect the Corporation’s mission. Daily operating details not included in these bylaws include: membership fee structure, event planning reimbursement policy, master event calendar, board-member education and practices, newsletter development, website maintenance, membership book, and record retention.

Summary of Substantive Revisions to the Bylaws:

Proposed Name: Preservation Sacramento

Updated to include new Principle Office at the Urban Hive

Updated to include email communications for Corporate business

Updated Indemnity Clause – enhanced language to protect the Corporation and its members from legal liability

Non-statutory members – enhanced role clarity for Board and non-board members. Added a definition for “Associate or General” member, and includes a non-liability clause for “Associate or General” members.

Download 2014 revised bylaws by clicking HERE.


The Sacramento Old City Association promotes preservation and enhancement of the quality of life for Sacramento’s residents, businesses, and visitors, working to Increase awareness of the irreplaceable historic, architectural and cultural resources of the City

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The Sacramento Old City Association (SOCA) formed in 1972, when Sacramento residents banded together to form a downtown advocacy group to protect the city’s architectural charm and character. Since that time, SOCA has advocated on behalf of the city’s historic neighborhoods, commercial properties and civic landmarks to ensure Sacramento remains a cultural center for the region.

SOCA is an all volunteer organization, whose members devote their time to increasing public awareness of the irreplaceable historic and cultural resources of the city. Other activities include advocating policies that ensure a quality urban environment that is respectful of our historic buildings and traditional neighborhoods.




ALERT:  2131 H Street Posted by Housing and Dangerous Buildings

DSC04922Housing and Dangerous Buildings has posted the home at 2131 H Street as an unsafe structure.  This action is likely to begin a process that will result in this beautiful landmark structure being demolished.  Loosing this building to demolition by neglect would be a great tragedy for Sacramento.  Please contact your city council member and demand that this house be saved.

Sacramento News and Review published THIS article about this home in 2012.

DSC04931 DSC04937DSC04929

Housing and Dangerous Buildings staff enforces City and State mandated codes relating to residential and commercial structures that are dangerous, substandard, blighted, or vacant. This division also enforces codes related to pests and mechanical noise through our environmental health section.

Building owners are legally required to maintain their property to the standards set forth in the City Housing and Dangerous Building Codes. If a structure is to remain vacant for more than one month, the owner is required to pay a monitoring fee to the City. In addition, fines may be levied if the property is not clean and secure.