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The Sacramento Old City Association is a 501(c)(4) non-profit that promotes preservation and enhancement of the quality of life for Sacramento’s residents, businesses, and visitors, working to Increase awareness of the irreplaceable historic, architectural and cultural resources of the City.

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SOCA History and Activism

The Sacramento Old City Association (SOCA) formed in 1972, when Sacramento residents banded together to form a downtown advocacy group to protect the city’s architectural charm and character. Since that time, SOCA has advocated on behalf of the city’s historic neighborhoods, commercial properties and civic landmarks to ensure Sacramento remains a cultural center for the region.


SOCA is an all volunteer organization, whose members devote their time to increasing public awareness of the irreplaceable historic and cultural resources of the city. Other activities include advocating policies that ensure a quality urban environment that is respectful of our historic buildings and traditional neighborhoods.







PRESERVATION ALERT: Hyatt Hotel Proposal will strip Historic Integrity from the Marshall Hotel

Marshall Hotel

marshallhotelrehab1 600xx679-453-0-110According to the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) a project that conforms to the Secretary of the Interior (SOI) Standards shall be considered to have a less than significant impact on the historic resource.  SOI Standards 9 and 10 state:

9. New additions, exterior alterations, or related new construction shall not destroy historic materials that characterize the property. The new work shall be differentiated from the old and shall be compatible with the massing, size, scale, and architectural features to protect the historic integrity of the property and its environment.

10. New additions and adjacent or related new construction shall be undertaken in such a manner that if removed in the future, the essential form and integrity of the historic property and its environment would be unimpaired.

The proposed Hyatt Hotel Project is a significant and unacceptable impact to this iconic Sacramento Landmark:

Marshall - Hyatt

If the Hyatt Hotel Group chooses to pursue this project as proposed robust and formidable mitigation measures shall be required.

SOCA urges the project applicants to reconsider this proposal and come up with a project that complies with the SOI Standards.

SOCA is not opposed to increased density or adaptive reuse of this important building but the project should respect the significant architectural elements of this iconic landmark.

SOCA has provided comments in response to the Notice of Preparation of an Environmental Impact Report.  Please download the letter by clicking HERE.


PRESERVATION ALERT:  2131 H Street Posted by Housing and Dangerous Buildings

Sacramento News 10 recently ran a story about 2131 H Street, known historically as the Hart Mansion.  Please view the News 10 story by clicking HERE.

DSC04922Housing and Dangerous Buildings has posted the home at 2131 H Street as an unsafe structure.  This action is likely to begin a process that will result in this beautiful landmark structure being demolished.  Loosing this building would be a great tragedy for Sacramento.  Please contact your city council member and demand that this house be saved by updating the Sacramento Preservation Ordinance to deal with Demolition-By-Neglect.

Sacramento News and Review published THIS article about this home in 2012.

DSC04931 DSC04937DSC04929While cities like L.A. and San Fransisco have strong provisions in place for dealing with building’s like the Hart Mansion, the City of Sacramento has failed to incorporate an effective process into the city code.  Please contact Steve Hansen, Council District 4 and demand this issue be dealt with immediately.

The City of Sacramento relies on Housing and Dangerous Buildings staff to enforce City and State mandated codes relating to residential and commercial structures that are dangerous, substandard, blighted, or vacant. This system is not appropriate for historic buildings because it deals with the building too late for it to be saved.

Housing and Dangerous Buildings is inclined to deal with buildings only when they become dangerous to the public.





Building owners are legally required to maintain their property to the standards set forth in the City Housing and Dangerous Building Codes.

Sacramento’s current code does not set standards that will prevent historic structures from being demolished due to neglect by absentee owners.  SOCA is currently engaging the Preservation Commission to draft changes to Sacramento’s ordinance that will provide incentives to maintain historic structures and prevent demolition-by-neglect.