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SOCA Midtown Home Tour 2014


SOCA Historic Home Tour 10 am – 4 pm on Saturday, September 20, 2014

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Sacramento Old City Association’s 2014 Historic Home Tour focused on the northern end of Midtown Sacramento. Ranging from J Street to N Street north to south, 20th Street to 28th Street east to west, this neighborhood is known for its architectural diversity. Ranging from 21st century infill to the oldest building in Sacramento, Midtown is a true mixed-use neighborhood, combining stunning historic architecture, a lively arts community, a diverse residential neighborhood, and an active business district.

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The Home Tour provided a guided tour through historic Midtown homes, where you can see how the architectural treasures of the city have been lovingly restored and maintained for contemporary use. The tour is self-guided; once you pick up your tour brochure and bracelet from the street fair at 2015 K Street (the parking lot in between 20th and 21st Street on the north side of K), you can visit the homes at your leisure in whatever order you prefer. The brochure also includes information about nearby places to eat, drink or shop.

Performers at the street fair were:
Noon Julie Bruce
1 pm the Clutter Family Singers
2 pm Liz Sivell
3 pm Mike Diaz

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