Contractors and Specialists

 Contractors and Specialists Publication


One of the ways SOCA serves our membership is by maintaining this updated listing of contractors and specialists who have maintained good reputations as honest and competent business people serving our community.  The Contractors and Specialists listing also provides tools for conducting historic property and neighborhood research.


Find the SOCA Contractors and Specialists Publication  here.

Individuals and businesses are listed in the Contractors and Specialists publication by endorsement of SOCA members and friends of SOCA. Similarly, if a SOCA member (or member of the general public) reports a negative transaction with one of the individuals or businesses listed in the Contractors and Specialists publication, the listed party will be removed from the list.  Please maintain caution and always ask for references when seeking service contractors.

SOCA has not conducted business with the business and/or individuals listed in the Contractors and Specialists listing, and therefore, as an organization SOCA can not vouch any of the individuals or business listed herein.  SOCA does endorse the integrity for the process of listing or delisting the individuals and businesses in the Contractors and Specialists publication.

ADDITIONAL CAUTION: Always get necessary permits. Exterior changes to an old building often require approval by City Preservation staff and/or Preservation Commission. The goal is to maintain the historic integrity of a building or restore it if it has been remuddled. A common remuddle is to remove original windows and replace them with non period appropriate new windows. This destroys the historic integrity of the building and can lower resale value and neighborhood home values. Undoing this kind of work increases beauty and value. The Preservation Ordinance requirement pertains only to the exterior. However, it is advised to retain or restore as much of the interior historic fabric as well. Owners can update wiring, plumbing, heating and air conditioning and kitchen and bath appliances without destroying a building’s character. Insensitive interior remodeling lowers the value of buildings, makes them less pleasant places to live and, if they are rentals, lowers the amount of rent owners can expect to receive. If you’re not sure what is period or not, seek consultation from someone who does.

The cheapest bid is not always the best and conversely, the most expensive may not be the best. In addition to calling references, go look at the contractor’s work if possible. Before hiring a contractor, you are advised to call the State Contractor’s Licensing Board at 1-800-321-2752 or go online to to look up the contractor license number. Be certain the license is current and if any complaints have been made. Be sure that any contractor you hire has appropriate insurance. Contractors are legally required to carry workers comp insurance. Legitimate contractors will provide a copy of his/her certificate of workers comp insurance on request. Always get one before work begins. In some cases, it is advisable to carry your own back-up worker’s comp policy. For further information, consult your attorney or insurance agent or call the State Compensation Board at 916-924-5100. If you decide to do any work yourself (sweat equity can save money), be realistic about your skills and your budget. Regarding the unavoidable complaints about this Resource List or suggestions for additional names, recommended improvements, etc., please contact Sacramento Old City Association at 739-0264.
There are many fine local contractors, artisans and suppliers whose names are not on this list. If you take pride in your work on older houses or carry the kind of materials needed to restore them, and can get satisfied customers to suggest your inclusion please let us know.